Vintage Port

In 1988, Donna and Samuel Smith began traveling to Portugal to create and manufacture Casafina’s beautiful and charming ceramics.
They worked with large and world-renowned factories, as well as small family-run companies. As their business began to grow, they expanded their range of products with travels to other cities in Europe. Twice per year, they introduce new products to ensure that there is always something fresh and exciting for Casafina’s small, independent retailers.
Today, Casafina is best known for the Casa Stone collection, their exclusive line of Fine Portuguese Stoneware of exceptional quality. True to their beginnings, they continue to develop hand-painted ceramics from Portugal and Italy. Casafina also includes products from other parts of the world such as tabletop and accent glassware from Romania and complementary handcrafted metal products from India.
The goal at Casafina is to offer distinctive, high-quality products for the The Square Cupboard!
They vow to continue to serve you with their beautiful and functional products in the most professional manner possible.